Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Juice doesn't have to pay

In another crushing blow to the Goldmans, the auction to sell the rights to O.J. Simpson's unpublished murder confession was postponed after the company that currently owns the rights filed for bankruptcy.

Last month, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg ordered that any proceeds from the sale and any subsequent profits be turned over to the family of murder victim Ron Goldman, which has been trying to collect on a $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson since 1997. A payday seemed imminent, until now. Instead, the company that patriarch Fred Goldman accused Simpson of setting up to hide his book advance is alleging that it's in dire financial straits. "It's their only and last option," Goldman family attorney David Cook told the Associated Press. "The bankruptcy process is a detour on the road to justice."

The Juice’s legal team is as shifty as he was in his playing days. The Goldman’s need to realize that they are the Wile E. Coyote to O.J’s roadrunner. No matter what they order from Acme their plan to get the Juice backfires and he runs away mockingly with a Meep Meep.

As a last resort the Goldman’s should consider hiring David Winfield to slay the Juice. He can kill a bird with a baseball from a mile away, so taking down the Goldman's nemesis with a bat to the temple shouldn’t be a problem. What's a little more blood on your hands worth Dave?

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