Friday, June 01, 2007

Romo dumps Underwood

Reports have surfaced that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has split from his country music's brightest star, Carrie Underwood. Romo reportedly told Underwood that he wants to bench their relationship during the football season, according to the National Enquirer. Football season begins in September and lasts until January. Romo asked Underwood to give him space for his career once before, and she did, but this time, the request has hit a sour note with her, says the source, who adds, “Carrie wants a firm commitment from Tony.”

Gotta give Romo credit, at least he didn't break up with Carrie A-Rod style. Sure Underwood is incredibly hot, but I'm not worried for Romo. When you are the Cowboy's starting QB you can hit any box you want at the drop of a hat. To put this into the perspective, when it comes to scoring sluts, being the starting QB in the Big D it is like loving the mary-jane and accidentally locking yourself in Nate Newton's trunk.

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