Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pacman has a good posse

Suspended NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones was being sought by police for questioning about a shooting early Monday involving members of his entourage after a fight at an Atlanta strip club. Jones, his group and three other people got into a fight, apparently over a woman, at a club around 4 a.m., officer Ariel Toledo said. After everyone involved left the strip club -- the three people in one car, and Jones and his entourage in three other cars -- someone in Jones' group shot at the car, and the others returned fire, Toledo said. "We believe he knows some of his entourage who were involved in the shooting," Toledo said. "On himself, we do not have any charges on him. He wasn't there when the shooting occurred." I've got to sit down with him and sit down with the police and figure out what we're looking at or if in fact he can even help them," Manny Arora said, Jones' attorney. "Once we agree to do that, I will do it very privately and we'll take care of it."

So this is how Pacman is changing his life? By not being the one to pull the trigger. Jones' posse has to realize that their gravy train is one shooting away from the unemployment line. When you hang your brother out to dry, you ain't a good friend. And this is said by a man who did his best friend's wife on top of his comatose body. But hey, when you can't take care of your own business, someone has to, yo.


Brock Landers said...

I'm not sure I can really take any player in the NFL seriously anymore. Seriously, it's just a bunch of wild animals in this league. If they weren't playing football they'd all be in jail.

Screaming Viking said...

I don't know who has a tougher job at controlling their players - David STern or Goodell.
I am sure they all wish they were Bettman right now.