Friday, June 22, 2007

MMA loves drugs

Ultimate fighting pioneer Royce Gracie tested positive for a steroid after winning a fight earlier this month and could face a year's suspension, the head of the California Athletic Commission said Friday. The 40-year-old Gracie tested positive for a nandrolone metabolite steroid after beating Kazushi Sakuraba in a June 2 match. His A and B samples showed levels of over 50 for Nandrolone. A normal person registers a 2 and an athlete can go up to 6 on the register of the anabolic steroid Nandrolone.

Gracie said in an e-mail Friday "I will appeal the decision for sure, I have been a fighter for 14 years and have never taken any illegal substances, so I am sure this is just a misunderstanding." Since the commission's current drug testing program began on March 31, about 20 fighters have tested positive for banned drugs.

When you are going to dub your product 'ultimate' or 'extreme', you had better live up to it. Instead of having different weight classes, why not have different drug classes and let fighters dope with their drug of choice? Seeing two roid raging martial artists beating each other senseless would finally be worth the $50 pay per view. And could you imagine the fun in the cocaine division? Where else could you see two combatants enter the ring with their noses already bleeding?

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Chris said...

In related news, Johnnie Morton (former WR for the KC Chiefs)got KTFO in that same PPV and then refused to submit to the post fight drug test. These two events will make it tougher for Elite XC to compete with UFC.