Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blame Canada

During Saturday night's contest between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Dodgers, a security guard attempted to confiscate a Canadian flag from a fan. That provoked an angry confrontation with about 100 local expats attending the game. As Canadian Lee Fraser showed his national pride during the sixth inning, a single security staffer demanded he hand over his Maple Leaf. When Fraser refused, the guard found himself facing a patch of angry Canadians. "The whole crew went crazy," Fraser said. "They sent down three or four security guards, the LAPD. Because, you know, Canadians are such a big threat."

Wasn't baseball embarrassed enough when the US Marine Corps flew the Canadian flag upside down at the 1992 World Series? I find this very ironic, considering Canada has always been a safe-haven for dodgers over the years.


Angry Ferret Jones said...

I love Canada, and I love Candians. Especially sexy Canadian women with luscious taa-taa's, and a shaved beaver.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Screaming Viking said...