Monday, June 11, 2007

Morrison still fighting

Former heavyweight champion Tommy "the Aids" Morrison won his MMA debut Saturday night. Fighting in a cage on a clear night in the desert, Morrison knocked out John Stover (7-2) at 2:08 of the first round. Boos rained down as a panting Morrison raised his hand after breaking Stover's nose with a straight right.
Stover said he originally agreed to the bout despite a stipulation against grappling, a big disadvantage for the 340-pound Stover, who outweighed Morrison by 125 pounds. But an hour before the fight, Stover said he was told he would not be allowed to strike Morrison with his knees or feet.

The fight came one day after Morrison's former agent, Randy Lang, told The Arizona Republic the fighter tested positive for the HIV virus in mandatory blood tests for a boxing license. Lang said he stopped working for Morrison on Feb. 25 because the tests had been misrepresented by the boxer and promoter Peter McKinn. McKinn said Morrison did not have to take a blood test for the MMA fight. The bout was staged on the Yavapai-Apache Nation, outside's the state boxing commission's jurisdiction.

Stover must have been really desperate for cash to get in the ring with Morrison, especially after all of the rules were changed to ensure he lost the fight. And really, that just shows you how stupid he is, considering Stover could have made more money and reduced his risk of contracting HIV by working as a gay prostitute.

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