Monday, June 04, 2007

Can the Cubs season get any worse?

In Friday's Chicago Cubs game there was a brawl; between teammates. With runners on first and second, catcher Michael Barrett allowed a passed ball and threw wildly to third for an error that let a run score. Atlanta Pitcher Kyle Davies and Kelly Johnson followed with RBI doubles. Zambrano was seen pointing at his head and yelling at the catcher in the dugout before the bottom half, while Barrett pointed toward the field.

There was shoving and some slaps. Zambrano cocked his right fist as they were being separated. Piniella said Zambrano was upset about the passed ball, and the manager along with several players walked the pitcher back to the clubhouse. Piniella told Zambrano to take a shower and go home, then returned to the dugout. Moments later, a clubhouse attendant could be seen telling Piniella something. Derrek Lee jumped up and headed into the tunnel, and Piniella and pitching coach Larry Rothschild followed. In the end, Barrett ended up at the hospital with a busted lip.

With Zambrano at 5-5 with an ERA over 5, he must have been tired of being the one getting smacked around. But no one wants to see two teammates go at it. Unless we are talking about the Lingere Bowl. In which case I'd give my left arm to see Angie Everhart and Nikki Ziering getting hot and bothered while disputing a call. That would still leave me with just enough appendages to pleasure myself to that piece of heaven.


Angry Ferret Jones said...

Dude, when the question is "Can the Cubs get any worse?" the answer is always, ALWAYS, a resounding "You fucking know they can."

Anonymous said...

Where is Bartman?