Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekly Poll results

Throwing Smoke readers have weighed in on the Barry Bonds saga. The final results are:

Sure he cheated, but so did everyone! - 40.9%
He is a cheater and should go to hell - 40.9%
Don't care really. I wish this story would disappear - 18.2%
He did nothing wrong. Go Barry! - 0.0%

With Barry clubbing 748 on the weekend, after 8 more dingers, this story will disappear, though not in the way most baseball fans would like it to.

Thanks to all of those who voted and check out our new weekly web-poll - Which female athlete would you like to see in Playboy next?

1 comment:

Bonds for Prez said...

Keep swatting them Barry. You da man!