Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lion tackle assaults stripper

A stripper is claiming she was inappropriately touched by Detroit Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. The complaint was made to authorities early Friday by the woman, who dances at a club on Detroit's west side. Police have submitted a criminal sexual conduct warrant request to the prosecutor's office, but Miller said charges were not expected to be filed Monday. The Detroit police sex crimes unit also was investigating the complaint.

Hasn't Rogers heard of Niagara Falls. In those clubs, anything goes, yo. Looks like Tiny Shaun will be next in Goodell's Pavlov's dog experiment. Only instead of dogs, food and a bell, it involves NFL players, strippers and a lengthy suspension. I mean how many more players need to tango with some skanky rippers before they learn that these sluts aren’t worth their career. Granted, I've never had professional head.

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