Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chad Johnson beats horses

Chad Johnson raced a horse on Saturday, in a charity event, and won easily. The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver was waiting at the finish line when Restore the Roar arrived at the end of his one-eighth-mile gallop. Johnson was spotted a 100-meter lead -- roughly about half the distance the horse had to cover in the race. And when it was over, Johnson, as usual, was anything but humble, "Floyd Mayweather, you're next," Johnson said. "I want to fight you. I'd like to take Kobe and LeBron one-on-one. Jeff Gordon, we can take a couple laps. ... Now it's my time to take over the race world."

Big deal, Ocho Cinco can outrun a horse. I don't find that impressive considering I am hung like one. Just call me the human tripod.


Brock Landers said...

My immediate guess is that Chad Johnson is a closet case homosexual. I also think that about Terrell Owens. I doubt I'd say it to either of their faces but whatever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he tapped the horse after the race?

Strawman said...

That's more meat than even Jenna Jameson can handle