Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Brady is political fodder

A candidate for Congress has accused Patriots quarterback Tom Brady of shameful morality and said he should be held accountable for his behavior. Kevin Thompson, who is running on the obscure Constiutional Party ticket in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional district, wrote a strongly worded blog post after an interview with Brady was published in Details magazine. "What kind of world is this? Many millions of small, adoring fans look up to Brady only to find him chasing models, fathering children out of wedlock, and unashamedly engaging in an immoral lifestyle," Thompson wrote. "Tom Brady apparently has no regard for traditional virtue or Biblical morality."

Okay, Thompson may have a point, but look at who Tom Brady has been tapping. I am sure if the all-mighty were to meet up with Brady, he would give him a high-five along with a little advice for the future - pull out sooner.

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