Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bonds tells it

The media are annoying players around the league regarding Alex Rodriguez's bush league 'mine' play of last week, especially Barry Bonds. "That's Toronto's fault," Bonds said. "Catch the ball." Then Bonds laughed loudly. "It's your own -- fault. What's wrong with you? You've got 30,000 people in the stands hollering." Two lockers away from Bonds, Rich Aurilia had a completely different take. "I think if you ask anyone in baseball if they think it's accepted, I'd pretty much guarantee that everyone will agree that it's not." Aurilia answered questions for 10 minutes, but Bonds quickly grew tired of the exchange. When asked if he's ever yelled at an infielder like that, he shook his head. When he was asked if the move was unsportsmanlike conduct, he snapped. "Go ask Alex," he said. "Leave me the -- out of it. Not my problem."

What's with the burr up Bonds' ass? He should be happy that A-Rod is deflecting media attention away from his steroid fueled home run chase. And really, if Bonds was smart he’d work out a deal with Mike Piazza to have him come out of the closet on the same day he breaks Hank Aaron's record.

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