Friday, February 23, 2007

Pacman goes nuts (again)

So it turns out I was bang on when I wondered aloud how Pacman Jones wasn’t involved in that triple shooting last weekend. New details have emerged which implicate Jones and really, even if I tried, I couldn’t have invented a better story.

The strip club melee, which led to the eventual shooting of three people, broke out when Jones began throwing $80,000 of cash into the air around the strippers (in the hood this practice is referred to as 'making it rain'). “The dancers are supposed to dance, but not pick up money,” club boss Robert Susnar said. "But some of the girls apparently didn't know that, and when one girl tried to pick up the money without Pacman giving her permission Jones went crazy, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the stage."

When a security guard grabbed Jones to stop the assault, the player's entourage jumped in. A woman with Jones hit a guard over the head with a champagne bottle while Jones and his private security team attacked the others. Witnesses even claim that Pacman made like his namesake and chomped down on the ankle of one the bouncers during the brawl.

When things calmed down Jones went looking for the stripper he was attacking before. At that point security staff grabbed Jones again and witnesses report that Pacman said, “I’m going to kill you”, to a bouncer who was later shot in the parking lot.

“He was out of his mind,” Susnar said witnesses told him about Jones. “When we get him outside of the club, the guy that was sitting directly next to Pacman the entire time returns with a handgun from his car and shoots (the security guards) in the chest,” Susnar continued. “Maybe this is just some bizarre coincidence, that some unknown gunman would come back 10-20 minutes after we kicked Pacman out of the club and shoots my guys after (Jones' threats), but I am going to think not. The guy goes out, retrieves a gun, then shoots two security guards, pretty much making good on the threat made by Pacman Jones."

Pacman knows what he loves, and he LOVES assaulting women. This shit comes close to Rae Carruth territory. It's like a “best-of” episode of the worst things NFL players have ever done. And what the hell is Pacman doing carrying around $80,000 in cash? I’m hoping that a video surfaces showing that this whole thing was a Siegfried and Roy illusion and that in reality my man Pacman was just taking the cash down to the local food bank.

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Anonymous said...

wow dude, you called that one like Babe Ruth. But knowing PacMan was actually involved is like saying Kobe likes White meat.