Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brady not a father

Contrary to what was earlier reported, Us Weekly Magazine reported that Giselle Bundchen's has finally spoken out, denying reports that she's pregnant with boyfriend Tom Brady's child. "It's crazy how people can make up these stories," the Victoria's Secret model complained on the Spanish TV show Corazon de Primavera. "I'm not pregnant and I'm not planning to be pregnant anytime soon. I have so many contracts to do, so many projects." Bundchen added that she feels she's too young to have a child. "It's just something I don't want now - it's something for the future," she said. "I'm 26 years old, for Christ's sake! Why would I have a baby now?"

Well, there are a few lessons we can all learn as a society from this:
1. Don't belive everything you read;
2. Tom Brady is as good with a coathanger as he is with a football.

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Anonymous said...

I think Brady should follow Manning's lead and teach the players of the NBA his techniques. He'd be the Bob Barker of he pet population.