Sunday, March 04, 2007

Throwing Smoke Update

Periodically, the writers of Throwing Smoke will update stories previously reported:

Tommy Morrison won his fight last Thursday with a second round TKO over John Castle. If you don't want HIV, now add Castle to the list of people never to share a toothbrush with.

Tim Hardaway was banished during all-star weekend last month by the NBA. Hardaway had already been in Las Vegas to make a series of public appearances on behalf of the league. But after saying, "I hate gay people" during a radio interview, Commissioner David Stern stepped in. That is just as well for Hardaway as one of Pacman's posse would have probably shot him at a strip club.

With the latest steroid scandal, Dick Pound just got another erection.

Sam Cassell - Still ugly

Floyd Mayweather Sr. will in fact be in his son's corner for his fight against Oscar De La Hoya on May 5th. That is unless Oscar ponies up $2mill or he gets arrested for smuggling coke in detergent boxes again.

Mark Messier's jersey retirement came and went in Edmonton last weekend. Expect a baby boom in Oil-town in 9 months.

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