Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mary-Jane is everywhere, where was you brought up?

Last week, mixed martial artist Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana following his stunning submission win over Takanori Gomi on Feb. 24. Diaz surprised the Japanese organization's 161-pound champion, in spectacular fashion. Afterwards, it was learned that Diaz had suffered a fractured orbital bone and was medically suspended up to six months. While the NSAC has discretion, suspensions for the use of marijuana have been for a similar period of time.

In a sport where you need razor sharp reflexes to ensure you don't get killed, it boggles the mind why one would be suspended for using the chronic. Afterall, if you want to enter the ring sluggish, and risk not making weight after a bought of the midnight munchies, that's your perogative. Just like riding shot-gun with Dany Heatley.

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