Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pacman claims his innocence

Pacman Jones’ female publicist Cheryl Moss, who was also a witness to the strip club melee, released a statement yesterday denying that Pacman and his entourage had anything to do with causing the brawl which eventually led to three people being shot.

I’m not buying any of this “Pacman is innocent” bullshit. And there’s a whole lotta laughs to be had reading Moss’ account of how things went down:

With his daughter's first birthday just days away and his parents staying with him at Caesar's Palace, Jones didn't come to Las Vegas looking for trouble, Moss said. He took his mother shopping, gambled a bit with his stepfather and competed in the finals of the Hip Hop Gaming League, a video game competition. Throughout the weekend, he attended several parties, including the one at Minxx’s.

Moss says that the whole thing started when the club arranged for 40 strippers to gather on stage so that well-heeled patrons like Jones and rapper Nelly, who was also in attendance, could shower them with dollar bills.

An expert in nuddie bar protocol, Moss says that when there is more than one dancer on stage, management is supposed to collect the money and divide it evenly between the dancers. In this case however, one woman apparently scooped up some cash, and a fight broke out that pitted one stripper against three others. Sadia Morrison, Jones' female stylist, tried to pull the underdog stripper off stage to protect her and was drawn into the fracas, Moss said.

Moss claims that during the distraction, Houston-based promoter and party organizer Chris Mitchell tried to snatch Jones' bag of dollar bills, but ran into Pacman’s bodyguard who started to rough him up. Spying the struggle, a club bouncer rushed in and maced the bodyguard while another bouncer put a headlock on Jones. From there Moss said the fighting spun out of control with more bouncers joining the fray and roughing up Jones' friends and other patrons — anyone within "swinging distance."

Club staff say Pacman’s female stylist eventually hit a bouncer on the head with a bottle of Dom Perignon, but Moss disputed that claim, saying that Morrison was beaten repeatedly at the hands of club security while being taunted with racial slurs.

Club bouncers "were completely out of line," said Moss, who added Jones and Morrison left covered in their own blood. "I was there. He was victimized. They kicked Pac's (rear end)."

Moss concluded by saying that Pacman "makes poor decisions, has poor impulse control," but he's innocent. "His disposition and aura are not one of violence."

Is she out of her freakin’ mind? At least Pacman’s uncle keeps it real when he told the press earlier this week that, “(Pacman’s) out of control. I've told him I think he is out of damn control, but he doesn't want to hear it.”

Moss’ account of what went down has absolutely nothing in common with club owner Robert Susnar’s version of events. But despite all of Moss’ denials she didn’t even bother trying to defend Pacman against the claim that he repeatedly beat up a stripper during the episode. This isn’t really surprising though. If there’s one thing you can always count on from Pacman, its how he treats the ladies with such class and respect. When he brings three female employees to the strip club that’s his way of saying thanks for the great work they did last year. I guess they’re lucky though, at least he didn’t show his affection by spitting in their face.


Anonymous said...

Judging from that statement, there's no way Moss could have begun to defend Pacman against beating a stripper repeatedly! I mean, taking his mom shopping, playing video games, a person can only lie so much before it becomes a fairy tale.


Strawman said...

Oh yeah, totally ridiculous. I couldn't stop laughing as I read through her biased account of events. Pacman's no angel. He's a thug!