Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Giants linebacker disappoints

New York Giants linebacker Brandon Short escaped harm during a shootout last week in New York City, where police brought down a gunman, but not before he shot and killed two auxiliary police officers.

Short told the New York Daily News he was out on the street when gunfire erupted. Short ran off the street into a jewelry store and dropped to the floor when the shooting between police and the gunman began. "I was fearful for my life," he told the newspaper. "There were bullets flying everywhere."

What gives yo? Did Brandon Short grow up with George Papadopoulos? Cause it be pretty clear that he don’t come from the ghetto. I mean how many NFL linebackers walk around New York City without packing heat? Short should have been spraying his gat into the street when the first shot rang out. But dude runs to hide and because of his cowardice two officers end up dead. None of this would have happened if my man Tank Johnson were around. When he gets outta jail they need to hand him a badge and send him out to clean up the mean streets of New York—Shaq style. Only to do it Shaq style he’ll need a magic lamp and some blow-up dolls. Kazaaaam!


Screaming Viking said...

He is all Uncle Tom.

Anonymous said...

He could have at least redeemed himself by stealing something from the jewelry store. This dude's straighter than Brady's coathanger.