Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bly is a great teammate

Nothing makes you respected in your new clubhouse like whining like a bitch. The Washington Post, citing several NFL sources, reported Monday that Bly was upset at being traded by the Detroit Lions to the Denver Broncos and wanted to go to Washington, instead. Citing unnamed players, The Post reported that Bly is miffed at being in Denver because the Broncos are unwilling to extend his contract, which has one year and $4.2 million remaining. The Redskins, however, reportedly were willing to give Bly a lucrative new extension, The Post reported. And playing with the Redskins would allow Bly, who is from Chesapeake, Va., to play close to home.

If you are going to make your teammates despise you, do it ghetto style, yo. Bly may as well have gone straight to Coach Shanahan's house with a glock, some cellists and a few bottles of Dom Perignon. Nothing says ‘thanks, but no-thanks’ like tying up the coach and making him watch you give drunk anal to his wife while the cellists rip off Joy to the World. That’s what being a modern professional footballer lunatic is all about.

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