Monday, March 19, 2007

Maryland is done

#5 seed Butler ousted #4 Maryland in the NCAA March Madness tournament on Saturday afternoon. The Bulldogs held off the Terrapins for a 62-59 win to advance to the sweet 16. A.J. Graves in particular outplayed Maryland star swingman, D.J. Strawberry, who failed to score a point in the first half and finished with eight.

Every sports fan has to be concerned about DJ Strawberry after this hard loss. Afterall, being Darryl Strawberry's son means he’s genetically predisposed to not handling defeat. For his sake, we hope he doesn't try and use his father's coping mechanism to dull the pain of this loss. And by coping mechanism we mean snorting an 8-ball out of a hooker’s cleavage until you can't remember your own name.

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