Friday, March 23, 2007

Stevens likes jail

Jerramy Stevens added to his long list of driving arrests when the former Seattle Seahawks tight end was arrested last week for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. Stevens was taken into police custody after he admitted to drinking "four or five margaritas" at a bar in Scotsdale, Arizona. Stevens’ rap sheet includes arrests for second and fourth degree assault, jail time for marijuana possession, sexual assault, various hit and runs, and driving with open champagne bottles in his vehicle. Can you blame someone for wanting to knee this punk in the nads?

Look on the bright side; Stevens’ is trying to clean up his act. He’s owed some props, because at least this time he didn’t crash into the house of a 93 year old woman. If Stevens were smart, he better not sign with the Broncos. Those winding mountain roads are a bitch when you are double the legal limit.

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