Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alexander held out

Shaun Alexander has written an autobiography, and in it he says he was a virgin until he married Valerie Boyd in 2002 and that they never even kissed until they stood at the altar and directed to do so by the pastor. He was 24 years old. Alexander has been very open about his beliefs that sex before marriage is wrong. He told Howard Stern about his beliefs last year, while also saying he'd be OK with a gay player in the locker room, even though he didn't think "it was right." And he apparently believes God told him via a series of sexual dreams that he should maintain his vow of abstinence.

This is a lot different then the message that Jesus sent me in my 20's. He told me to go bang as many skanks as possible, even if I have to pay. What he didn't tell me about was the burning sensation that I would feel the next day. Although I guess it was my own fault in retrospect. People tried to tell me that just because he hadn't shaved in years and had a propensity to hammer nails into his hands while hanging pictures that didn’t mean the dorm janitor was the son of God.

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Strawman said...

What a fag. This is exactly like Curtis Brown. Only he's shit.