Saturday, March 10, 2007

Poet's Corner

What will happen in baseball?
No one knows.
Let’s take a guess,
Here we go:

Prince Fielder's still fat,
A-Rod will choke,
Jeter bangs sluts,
And that is no joke.

Prior and Wood
Will be hurt again,
On the DL by
April Seven.

Bay and Morneau,
Lead the Canadian charge.
Piazza and Tadano,
Take it 8 large.

The Yankees will buy
Expesive talent.
While the league
Sits back and laments.

Let the season end,
For the Brew Crew
Eliminated in April
Fans already knew.

They play on turf;
They play on grass;
Hopefully we don’t see
Canseco injecting more ass.

The A’s will charge late.
Bonds will beat Hank.
With his drug scandal,
Fans say no thanks.

Let’s start the season
And see the bad calls.
The smell of hotdogs,
Now that’s baseball.

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