Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pacman assaulted

The comic book that is Pacman Jones’ life entered its next chapter last weekend when he was the victim of a knife attack. Pacman was out at a bowling ally near his home in Tennessee last Friday night when the incident occurred. Another patron apparently started a confrontation with Pacman that eventually escalated. Police are saying that the assailant produced a pocketknife and “threatened to beat [Pacman] up and to use the knife on him.” Pacman was unhurt during the exchange and police arrived quickly to arrest the would-be attacker.

What the hell is Pacman doing in a bowling alley? Last time I checked bowling was pretty low on the list of favourite ghetto sports. Down there with darts, croquet, and safe sex. Pacman’s life is so ridiculous. Even when he’s trying to steer clear of trouble by avoiding nightclubs and strippers the cops get called in all the same. This guy has an incredible gift to attract problems wherever he goes. Pacman’s the only guy I know who can go to a drive-thru and end-up caught in the middle of a drive-by.

Police are saying that Pacman was in no way responsible for the situation, “[he was] just trying to be a normal customer, trying to bowl.” I am a little skeptical though. How likely is it that some lunatic chose Pacman of all people to start a fight with? These guys probably go way back together. And by “way back” I mean last month at the Minxx gentlemen’s club. And I’m expecting this guy to have cornrows in his hair.

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Anonymous said...

This dude's life really is like a comic book. I'm sure that before he went bowling with his bro's, he helped an elderly woman cross the street and after that, an anvil fell from the sky because the coyote was after him...
Honestly, this dude avoiding trouble is like the cookie monster trying to consume cookies "responsibly."