Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NBA Fantasy Update

Tony Parker - San Antonio Spurs - Ankle sprain, and ass still sore from Eva Longoria dumping it

Marcus Camby - Denver Nuggets - Sore foot and hangnail - Will probably miss half the season

Sam Cassell - Los Angeles Clippers - Still Ugly

Andre Kirilenko - Utah Jazz - Back injury, extra-marital sex - Probable

Doug Christie - Dallas Mavericks - Neck injury, wife's leash - Definite

Rudy Gay - Memphis Grizzlies - Actually straight

Jason "White Chocolate" Williams - Miami Heat - Insists he has sickle cell anemia - Out indefinitely

Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat - Ebony handsomeness - Definitely


Anonymous said...
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Screaming Viking said...

Any anonymous posts what are insulting to creaters of the site will be deleted. If you are man enough to try and smack, then be man enough to leave a name and contact.

Anonymous said...

cat, hahahaha.