Friday, March 16, 2007

Marbury is cheap

$17 Million man Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks, is trying to give back to the ghetto by endorsing and pimping out $15 sneakers. "I just wanted to do something different to make a difference," said Marbury. Marbury wants to use his fame to make a low-priced basketball shoe popular and reduce the pressure to buy the $100 to $200 Nikes, Reeboks and others. He says his shoe, the Starbury – sold exclusively by American retailer Steve & Barry's – is as well made as the expensive ones. To prove it, he wears them in all his basketball games.

Marbury has good intentions, but in the ghetto, it is about street cred, nothing else. It is great that welfare kids can now afford NBA sneaks, but even if these shoes are cool, you don’t get a rep by struttin' around town with pimpin’ shoes. You earn it by knifing the kid who is wearing them, whether they cost $15 or $200. Moral of the story is, if Marbury is making $17 mill large a year, and can only afford to wear $15 sneakers, the logical explanation is he is snorting the balance of his paycheque, yo.

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