Thursday, March 22, 2007

Porter hates Bengals

Pacman’s been garnering most of the attention so far this NFL off-season, so it was good to see an old favourite back at it this week. Former Steelers bad-ass Joey Porter, who recently signed a deal to play with Miami next season, was charged with assault in Las Vegas over the weekend. Apparently he confronted Bengals lineman Levi Jones, who was playing blackjack inside a casino, and the two exchanged trash talk. The confrontation escalated when the two men went outside and began to brawl.

Witnesses describe the brawl as “something out of Rocky”: “They must have each gotten in a good three or four swings. Then all of a sudden, the bigger guy who I found out later was Levi Jones, picked up Joey Porter and tossed him probably 10 feet like he was a rag doll.”

People tried to break up the fight but "Joey Porter broke free and ran full sprint at Levi Jones and dove through the air at him like he was trying to tackle Ladanian Tomlinson. Took him down with a tackle, then the two of them got up. They were throwing fists again.” Apparently Porter later kicked Jones in the head, causing some bleeding.

None of this is surprising. What else was going to happen if you put Joey Porter in the same room with some thug from the Cincinnati Bengals? Levi Jones is going to be humiliated when he shows up for training camp this summer. Not only was he the only Bengal not arrested last year, but he got the shit kicked out of him by a guy who actually signed up to wear teal next season. Jones is lucky though. At least Porter didn’t have his pit bulls with him. The end result is that it looks like Kellon Winslow isn’t the only fag in the AFC North.

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