Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kerney sleeps well

Atlanta police are investigating a rape that occurred at the home NFL defensive end Patrick Kerney. A woman who was staying at his home invited three men back to Kerney’s house for drinks. The woman is claiming to have fallen asleep on a sofa and later woke up in a bedroom to find one of the men raping her. Kerney claims he was home during the assault but that it happened while he was asleep.

It can’t be easy to get a good night’s sleep when someone’s being raped in the adjacent room. It’s more likely that Kerney woke up and thought that he left his bukkake video in the DVD player. Or that or he was too busy enjoying himself while peeping through the hole in the wall. But either way, my guess is that it’s the last time he’ll go out partying with the Utah Jazz.

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