Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tanks in Texas

Defensive lineman Tank Johnson, who cannot suit up until the 2nd half of the season due to an eight-game NFL suspension, signed a two-year contract Tuesday with the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson won't be paid until he completes his eight-game NFL suspension for violating probation on a gun charge. He has served the first two games of that suspension and will still have to apply for reinstatement. After that, he will only make about $255,000 this season, the prorated portion of a minimum contract. "For a lot of reasons, he really just felt the Cowboys were the right fit," said Johnson's agent, Jerrold Colton. "He's so thankful to them for giving him this opportunity. He is very determined to prove they made a wise decision in believing in him."

The fit seems right for the Cowboys as well. There's no better way to keep T.O. on his best behaviour than having a 300 pound beast with a liking for beef-sticks guns around. Maybe they'll free up some cap space with this signing. Only instead if it giving them more money for free agents, the cap space will be found in the chamber of Tank's shotgun aimed at T.O.'s mouth.

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