Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marbury loves sex

In the ongoing Isiah Thomas sexual harrassment lawsuit, a Madison Square Garden employee testified yesterday that she had consensual sex with New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, contradicting earlier claims by a former executive suing Knicks coach Isiah Thomas for $10,000,000 for sexual harassment.

Kathleen Decker took the witness stand to try to clarify for a jury what happened the night of her birthday in 2005 when she met Marbury at a strip club and got into the basketball star's truck. "Stephon Marbury asked me: `Are you going to get in the truck?' and I got in the truck," she told the jury. Asked if the sex was consensual, she answered, "Completely ... I was in control." The testimony came after fired MSG vice-president Anucha Browne Sanders testified as part of her sexual harassment case that Decker told her she felt no choice but to submit to Marbury's advances.

This case is rivalling Disneyland for entertainment. But only instead of Space Mountain and Minnie Mouse, this ride is chalk full of harassment, truck sex and verbal abuse. The only way for this trial to get any better is for a white midget to enter the courtroom on a tricycle holding Isiah's illegitimate daughter. And him replying 'F-off Bitch".


Brock Landers said...

I wonder if her life was threatened to make that testimony. Swayed by money. That and black cock.

ng chang loves box said...

Marbury probably offered her a pair of his $15 sneaks