Friday, September 28, 2007

NCAA is the new NFL

Florida State suspended two football players after they were arrested in a bar fight that resulted in felony charges against one of them. Junior linebacker Geno Hayes and senior fullback Joe Surratt were arrested early Friday at a bar near the Florida State campus. Officers were on duty outside Potbelly's Bar looking for underage drinkers when they noticed a man later identified as Hayes screaming profanities and waving his arms, a police report said. When officers tried to talk to him, Hayes became aggressive and resisted when officers then tried to handcuff him, leading an officer to stun him with his Taser. Police also said Surratt was standing nearby and became involved, eventually striking an officer.

Who doesn't look back on their college years with fondness? Only instead of having stories like me about the sluts and TD's I scored, they'll be telling their bastard children how they ended up pumping gas for a living.


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