Tuesday, September 18, 2007

OJ gets Juiced

Thomas Riccio is a genius. Not only did he spring the trap on The Juice that Fred Goldman has been dreaming about, but he recorded the whole “burglary” on an audio cassette. In the audiotape released Monday by the celebrity news Web site TMZ.com, O.J. is heard shouting questions while other men yell orders to the people in the room during the botched robbery.

O.J. Simpson's standoff with men he accused of stealing his memorabilia begins with the ex-NFL star demanding, "Don't let nobody out of here. Think you can steal my s--- and sell it?"

One of the collectors in the hotel room, Bruce Fromong, said the meeting was set up as if the men were customers, but when they arrived, it was clear something else was going on. "The door burst open and they came in almost commando style, O.J. Simpson and some of his people, I guess you would call it, with guns drawn," Fromong told ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday. "O.J. at that time was saying, 'I want my stuff. I want my stuff.'

"The thing in my mind as soon as I saw him, I'm thinking, 'O.J., how can you be this dumb? You're in enough trouble.'"

The Juice busts into your hotel room with guns drawn and that’s the first thing you think of? Most people would be thinking about how their life was about to end. They don’t call it Getting OJ’d for nothing.

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