Friday, September 07, 2007

NCAA cheats too

University of Hawaii athletic officials said in August that they will look into allegations raised by a former receiver, Ian Sample, including the claim that school officials and players manipulated NCAA-mandated drug tests. Sample recently published a book chronicling the 2006 season entitled, "Once A Warrior," released unpublished material on his blog about excessive drinking, widespread use of marijuana, sex with groupies and rigged drug tests.

Sample, who now plays professional football in Japan, wrote that he's "convinced the 'random' tests are not random at all. The higher ups definitely know what they are doing when they decide who will be tested," he wrote. "However, getting tested doesn't necessarily mean getting caught, every once in a while a player will side-step a positive test result by flushing out their system [the real smokers know where to go to get a cleansing elixir]."

Drugs, drinking, sex? It is a college campus after all. When you step back and think about it, it isn't like College athletes are testing positive for drugs on a regular basis. Guys like Brian Bosworth aren't created by taking roids weeks before the NFL draft. It takes years of hard work and self-loathing to get a mullet that bad.

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