Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nolan can't cross border

Brandon Nolan, Carolina Hurricane's prospect and son of NHL coach Ted Nolan, was refused entry into Canada last week at the Thousand Islands Bridge near Kingston, reportedly because his Canadian native status card was rejected as a valid form of government identification. Nolan, a member of Garden River First Nation claims that Canadian border agents held him up for almost two hours.

He was driving his father's BMW and says he was told he must pay duty on it. Nolan also says he was subjected to various comments mocking his First Nations background. After he was turned back at the border by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), baffled U.S. border agents told Nolan that his status card was indeed a valid form of identification and they urged him to try again. Nolan only got back into Canada after a phone call placed to a family friend who works with CBSA.

There was no word if a casino dealer's ID or a tax-free gas card is valid documentation when crossing the border.


ng chang loves box said...

they must have thought he was heading for a protest

Anonymous said...

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