Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Juice set loose

I thought Fred Goldman had all of The Juice’s dough, so I was surprised to see O.J. make his $125,000 bail today. The Juice is loose once again, but he’ll need to report back to Las Vegas on October 22nd for a status hearing.

The venerable Roger Cossack, the world expert on legal matters involving O.J. Simpson, is saying that The Juice has a good chance of beating many of the charges brought against him, which include robbery, burglary, use of a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit a crime. The goods may actually belong to Simpson thus giving him some just cause for the crime, and there is evidence of a setup while many of the victims have criminal records, reducing their credibility as witnesses.

This trial is going to be a circus. A really awesome circus, where the ringleader gets attacked by a lion and a troupe of Dancing Judge Ito’s give me a lap dance. Greta Van Susteren interviewed the loveable Kato Kaelin on Fox today. And even Marcia Clark showed up to cover the bail hearing for Entertainment Tonight. Chris Darden was mysteriously absent though. He was busy back in L.A. pissing on Johnnie Cochran’s grave.

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