Friday, September 14, 2007

McLaren Cheats

Espionage is on the sports menu of late. In a Patriot-esque move, The McLaren F1 racing team was fined $100 million and stripped of its points in the constructors' standings Thursday in the spying scandal that has rocked this racing league. McLaren, which leads the current drivers' and constructors' standings, was punished by the World Motor Sports Council for allegedly using leaked secret technical documents belonging to F1 rival Ferrari. The case broke open in July when a 780-page technical dossier on Ferrari cars was found at the home of McLaren's chief designer, Mike Coughlan, who later was suspended. Ferrari mechanic Nigel Stepney, who allegedly supplied the documents, was fired.

"Ferrari is satisfied that the truth has now emerged," the Italian team said in a statement. Team drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, currently 1-2 in the championship standings, were not punished and can continue to compete for the season title.

With major embarrassing scandals in baseball, basketball, football and now auto racing, that only leaves hockey to ruin their sport and alienate their fans. That is if you don't already count the Toronto Maple Leafs as succeeding at that.

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