Thursday, September 20, 2007

De la Hoya's a fake

If you were one of the people who were waiting to see authentic Oscar de la Hoya pictures in fishnet stockings, you will have to wait another day. If you couldn't already tell they were photoshopped, de la Hoya's lawyer confirmed they are 100% fake.
You can see the fake pictures here.

I am not sure what sick bastard would actually get off on these photos, but you can count me as not being part of that minority. Granted, I shouldn't comment as my parents have caught me masturbating to bloody shots of women boxers countless times. And I'm not talking about after they just went 5 rounds with Laila Ali.


ng chang loves box said...

real or not, he is still a fag

Anonymous said...

I thought he was garbage after he was accused of rape back in the nineties. The young woman involved went through so many changes after the "alleged" incident that there's little doubt in my mind that something happened in his jeep.

Anonymous said...

But my God, could those be any more fake.

My dog could do a better job with Photoshop.