Friday, September 14, 2007

Pacman's a chump champ

Pacman Jones teamed up with Ron "The Truth" Killings in TNA Wrestling's "No Surrender" pay-per-view Sunday night against Kurt Angle and Sting and came out of the event as half the tag-team champion team. The suspended Tennessee cornerback has a legal agreement with the Titans to avoid any physical move that could leave him injured. So Jones left the dirty work to his tag team partner. Jones twice refused to tag in and join the staged match. The turning point came when Angle's wife appeared ringside, refused to leave and then slapped Sting. She went down as if hit when the wrestler pointed for her to leave, and her husband came over to investigate. By the time Jones finally tagged in and got into the ring, Killings put a move on Sting that allowed Jones to cover the wrestler for the victory.

We haven't seen a football player ride the coattails of a teammate this much since Drew Bledsoe hopped on Tom Brady's back in Superbowl XXXVI.


Chris said...

Pacman Jones' affiliation with TNA is a slap in the face to "real" wrestling. Ric Flair should land about 10 chops on him as the crowd counts, and then finish him with a figure four, refusing to relase the hold after Jones gives up

ng chang loves box said...

It all went downhill in the early 90's. Dig up Andre the Giant and Owen Hart!