Thursday, February 08, 2007

Soccer fans are killers

The Italian soccer federation threatened to suspend games indefinitely after the death of a police officer in riots at a Series A match. The officer was killed and more than 70 people were injured last week when fans rioted at a game between Sicilian sides Catania and Palermo. "Violence of any sort is unacceptable, and it has absolutely no place in the game of football -- we do not condone it, we must not accept it and we must act to eradicate it," UEFA President Michel Platini said in a statement. "We must now work together with the Italian football authorities and politicians in support of the Italian game, and find a solution to this spiral of violence that is plaguing European football."

Hopefully European soccer has better luck at stopping fan violence towards the boys in blue then they did about stopping the racial taunts towards their black players. I am not saying the racial hooligans are out of control, but since opening a chain of banana stands outside of their soccer stadiums, it's been easy street for the Screaming Viking baby!

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