Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NBA All-star weekend anticlimactic

Despite Vegas strip clubs being overloaded with professional athletes, pimps, and hangers-on nothing much happened during the much hyped NBA all-star game festivities in Sin City last weekend. We saw LeBron James and Dwight Howard in a dance competition, Charles Barkley in a foot race with old men, and Shaq playing pranks on everyone. Things couldn’t have been gayer unless the Prince of Pride John Amaechi showed up on the red carpet to make out with his Malinka.

So I was happy to find out yesterday that our good friend Pacman Jones showed up for the NBA weekend and wasn’t too far from the action. And by action I mean his seats for the all-star game were located in perv’s row at Minxx Gentleman’s Club farther down the strip. Upon exiting the club later that night Jones witnessed a parking lot shootout that resulted in three injured people. Police are saying that Pacman wasn’t involved but isn’t it funny how this guy is never too far away when the shit goes down? I’m entirely expecting that they find out later that Pacman was the dude screaming “Dump! Dump!” which caused Stephen Jackson to fire his gun indiscriminately into the air outside of that Indianapolis peeler bar.

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