Monday, February 12, 2007

Gonzaga players are liars

Gonzaga players Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis have been suspended from the team indefinitely after their arrest Friday night for investigation of drug possession. It is alleged they had both mary jane and mushrooms in their vehicle when stopped for a broken tail light. Heytvelt, 20, and Davis, 21, have told Gonzaga officials they are innocent.

With Davis being a Canadian and red-shirted from his authoscopic knee surgery for the year, the medical marijuna defense has to be on the menu. Or blame ignorance due to Canada having very liberal pot laws. As for the mushrooms? Must have been all Heytvelt, who has been considered a frontrunner for West Coast Conference player of the year. For him to actually believe a white man can succeed in a black man's game, he would have to be halucinating. That is unless you consider Big Country Reeves and Greg Ostertag role models.

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