Saturday, February 24, 2007

NHL goes old school

Some have said the NHL has gone soft in the post lock-out era. Thursday night in Buffalo, the Sabres and the Ottawa Senators had a good ole fashion donnybrook. Highlights include the Sens Goalie Ray Emery fighting Sabres goon, Andrew Peters. All the while, Emery has a smile on his face enjoy the ordeal. I am not saying the Sens do not have heart, but when you let your starting goalie throw them down with an NHL heavyweight, you may as well get ‘pussy’ tattooed to your forehead.

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Anonymous said...

Emery was probably high from hitting rails with Spezza before the game, that would explain the grin he had on his face while destroying Biron and holding his own against a known goon.

You maybe asking why I think he was high on coke, the answer is I know 2 girls that work in a downtown bar in the Hammer that have hit the rails on the Emery crazy train and then let Emery give them his own version of the crazy train. Apparently when you become a starter in the NHL you get high with Hamilton waitresses and then bang the shit out of them...oh yeah they also said Spezza hits rails all the time...

But we know the NHL drug testing system results say that there aren't any NHLer's on steroids, what makes you think they'd catch a couple of cokeheads?

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