Monday, February 19, 2007

Barkley beats old men

67 year old NBA referee Dick Bavetta lost in a race to the round mound of rebound, Charles Barkley Saturday at the NBA All-star festivities. Barkley back-pedalled across the half-court and stumbled to the ground in outrunning Bavetta over 3 1/2 lengths of the court. Barkley, nicknamed "Black Rhino" by his trainer and former Olympic sprinter John Carlos, thanked Bavetta for the chance to raise $50,000 - from TNT and NBA Cares - for Las Vegas Boys and Girls Clubs.

What is the most distrubing about this whole ordeal, was the kiss by the two at the end. I know that John Amaechi fever has hit the NBA, but no one should be kissing old men unless they are trying to Anna Nicole Smith them for half of their billion dollar fortune. And even then it may not be worth smelling like mothballs.

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