Friday, February 16, 2007

Cheaters are all around

If you are a sports fan who likes fair competition, you no longer watch: track and field, cross country skiiing, boxing, swimming, soap box derby racing, figure skating, cycling, darts (yes DARTS), baseball (pro and little league), football, basketball (unless recreational drugs do not offend you) and the paralympics. Well you can now add Nascar to the list after 4 pit crew chiefs were caught altering the cars in Daytona 500 qualifying. They will be suspended along with their drivers being penalized points before the season actually starts.

By my count, this basically leaves, hockey and bowling as the only clean games left. But who really wants to sit around watching Parker Bohn III bowl a 250 to beat Walter Ray Williams Jr's 220. If I ever get to that point in my life, the next logical step will be to fly to Florida, marry OJ and then cheat on him so he can put me out of my misery.

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