Thursday, February 01, 2007

Saban is a racist

Nick Saban, a former LSU and Miami Dolphins coach, used an ethnic slur while telling Florida reporters in Tuscaloosa a story about an LSU fan's angry reaction to his hiring. “He was walking down the street yesterday before the Sugar Bowl,” Saban said on the taped comments. “He calls me. There was a guy working in the ditch, one of those coonass guys that talk funny.”
In his apology, Saban stated, "The term in question is not language that I use or condone, and I can understand how some would take offense. However, I think it must be noted that those comments were made 'off the record' and the words merely reflected an anecdote that was told to me using that language."

Saban, throwing out slurs and saying you don’t condone it is like saying that you promote safe sex, then permitting your daughter to date Michael Vick. Nick, you are filthy honkey trash and failed in the NFL only to slink back to college ball. And probably just to check out the 20 year old beef on campus. But of course, I am saying this all off the record.

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