Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stern is gettin' it

After years of David Stern trying to make the NBA appealing to white-collar Americans, the events leading up to the 2007 All-Star game in Las Vegas lead me to believe that he’s now taking advice from the visionary Ron Artest. When the league has problems with guns and illegitimate children being conceived by their players, is heading to Sin City the best idea? The answer is a resounding YES, if you want to make a brotha happy.

Speaking of happy endings, to add to the Vegas experience the NBA has brought their ho-train to town. This year, the NBA held a web poll for fans to vote on their favourite NBA team dancers, with the winners to be showcased at this year’s All-star event. To make this Vegas experience real though Stern needs to get them topless and have them swing from brass poles at half time. Anything less would be criminal. And by criminal, I mean if this doesn’t happen, Stern should be forced to dress up as a limo driver and escort Jayson Williams to the event. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas yo.

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