Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pro bowl, shmo bowl

I can't blame you if you didn't watch the NFL Pro Bowl on the weekend, as it is as exciting as watching WNBA basketball. What you missed is Sean Taylor of the Redskins blowing-up punter Brian Moorman. It looks like Taylor missed the memo telling him the Pro Bowl is to have as much contact as a meeting with his accountant. After viewing the video, you will understand why next year, when a fake punt is called, you will see the kickers calling to catch cab to the airport.

Click here to view the video.

NOTE - the NFL removed the original footage from YouTube as they are douchebags. They allow billions of dollars of illegal gambling on their sport, but does not allow people to post 50 seconds of footage. So the best video we can show you is some genius recreating the play on Techmo Superbowl. Enjoy.

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