Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vladdy hits dingers

In last night’s home run derby, the Angel’s Vladimir Guerrerro edged surprise finalist, Alex Rios of the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2. Rios didn't seem to have much left for the final - Guerrero, spurred on by his entourage, clinched it with three outs to go - yet still put on quite a show. With baseballs’ home run derby being the highlight of its all-star festivities, the NFL should take note. Their Pro-bowl weekend is pretty lame in comparison, so why not and try and make it a bigger event by showcasing your league’s talent? Possible skills competitions should include:

· Most hoes pimped during Pro-bowl week,

· 40 yard bitch slap

· The adult diaper change – open only to players with more than 8 concussions

· And to cap it all off, the posse free for all – find out which baller’s got the most badass crew

1 comment:

Brock Landers said...

His ass is HUGE, but he can mash.