Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tank rejected by family

Tank Johnson’s family spoke out against what they say are fabricated stories that Tank gave to the media in order to justify his recent run-ins with the law. Tank was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times as saying a difficult childhood caused issues for him as he grew up. “The '80s craze was all drugs. Both my parents were on it. It was chaotic. Looking back on it, I was oblivious. When my mom would leave, a couple days later my aunt would pick me up. I would go stay with an aunt for a while. It's just stuff like that. It might be interesting to you, but it's my life,” the former Bear told reporters.

When reached for comment, Tank’s aunt Chris Johnson said the drug allegations are “serious accusations. They aren't true. [Tank’s father] has never been a drug addict. We need to clear my brother and my parents' name. [I love] Tank unconditionally, but we don't understand the fabrications and lies. Nobody knows why he does it.''

Howard Johnson, Tank’s grandfather, said his son might have been in a “little trouble in Texas, but he never served time in prison.”

“I don't know how the stories got out about me,” Tank’s father Terry said. “He was such a young kid when [I divorced from his mother]. I think what happened was when he got to Chicago, he was forced to guess or speculate about what happened to him when he was asked by reporters. In fairness to his mother and me, he probably never should've said anything about us.”

So not only is he a felon, but he’s a liar. I realize that growing up in Gary, Indiana must totally f*** you up, but pimping out your family like that is just so not cool. Unless you’re Richard Williams. And you’ve arranged to have Venus and Serena knocked up by me. In which case that’s awesome. And by awesome I mean kill me.

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Brock Landers said...

Come on Tank,

You're better than that!