Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roy Jones Jr. puts things into perspective

The world’s foremost authority on cock fighting Roy Jones Jr. finally weighed in on speculation surrounding Michael Vick and his involvement in dog fighting.

“People tend to talk so hard against people. They make it such a bad thing, like dog fighting is worse than killing someone. I'm not a dog fighter. I've never been to a dog fight. But just because they have the animals doesn't mean they are fighting the animals. Michael Vick doesn't have that kind of time to train and raise dogs…They are making this so bad, but really two dogs fighting can happen in anyone's backyard or on the street. It happened in my backyard, two of my dogs fought and one died. I was devastated because I love dogs. Fighting animals don't necessarily get mistreated. They get treated just the way I get treated. They train me, they feed me; if I lose, I lose, and when I get in the ring, there is that chance I could get killed. It used to be that you could drive to Louisiana and fight chickens. But they passed a law and that's illegal now.”

You can say what you want about him, but at least Jones Jr. isn’t a hypocrite. He should propose a fight between a pack of his killer chickens and one of Vick’s dogs. And the winner can move on to meet my stable of endangered animals. May the fittest survive. That’s Darwin yo.

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